How to Sleep After a Lumpectomy

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Sufficient rest is essential after your lumpectomy. How you position yourself while you sleep will not only ensure greater comfort, but a smoother recovery process as well.  At Bedford Breast Center in Beverly Hills, our top-notch team of surgeons and caring staff are here to serve you. If you are concerned about breast lumpectomy pain


The Truth About Breast Health

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Your Breasts Are Not Ticking Time Bombs “One in eight” is the scary, ubiquitous statistic that rings like a tolling bell and weighs every woman down with the threat of breast cancer. We all know someone who has had it, fought it, maybe beat it, or worse, succumbed. It seems like it is everywhere. As


Non-Surgical Breast Lump Removal

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Have you ever felt a lump in your breast and after having been evaluated, told that there was “nothing there” and that they should just live with it? Many patients go through expensive and time-consuming evaluations and at the end of their journey, they essentially get a figurative pat on the knee and are sent