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Woman and her doctor (models) discussing reconstruction after mastectomy.

Understanding Breast Reconstruction After Breast Cancer Surgery (Updated 2024)

The majority of women who have received a breast cancer diagnosis will have surgery as a part of their treatment. But is breast reconstruction surgery a necessary procedure for every patient? Can breast cancer surgery and breast reconstruction be one procedure? This post will help you understand your options. Understanding Breast Cancer Surgery The prospect …

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SWIM Reconstruction vs. Goldilocks: What’s The Difference? (Updated 2024)

What is SWIM breast reconstruction, what is a Goldilocks mastectomy, and how do they differ? I'm often asked this question since Bedford Breast Center in Beverly Hills and our sister practice, Cassileth Plastic Surgery, are known for these advanced breast cancer surgeries. Before we delve into the difference between the two procedures, let’s establish the key …

Woman considering a breast reconstruction after a breast cancer diagnosis

Oncoplastic Surgery: Enhancing Breast Conservation Surgery

At Bedford Breast Center, we prioritize preserving health and aesthetics, which is why we're proud to offer oncoplastic surgery. This specialized approach combines oncology principles with plastic surgery techniques to achieve optimal outcomes for breast-conserving surgery. What is Oncoplastic Surgery? Oncoplastic surgery is a sophisticated approach that blends the expertise of oncologic surgery with the …