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“I love Dr. Memsic. She is brilliant–at the top of her field and also very caring, conscientious and even funny–in the best possible way. Because she brings humor –and who doesn’t need a laugh no matter what kind of surgery you face–the whole experience is easier and I think, more effective. She breaks the stereotype about the surgeon who has great medical skills but atrocious people skills. She cares, she shows she cares and I am convinced that her involvement both as a medical professional and also as a person are why my results and that of another family member were so positive. I can’t say enough good things about Leslie Memsic, MD. She is a gift to the profession.”

– Cathrine R.

“I have recently changed over to BBC from another well known ‘institutional’ provider here in the LA area. I initiated this change due to the need for more ‘human’ care as well as didn’t want to just be a number. The team at BBC has been nothing short of amazing in terms of customer service, a lovely facility and kind and excellent care. Anna is wonderful and patient and thorough, which is a reflection of how BBC runs their facility and team. Amazing that they also take my insurance (Blue Shield) Would highly – HIGHLY – recommend!!”

– Julia G. – Yelp

“Dr Memsic is an outstanding surgeon. She is took a rather difficult situation and walked me through the whole process from the diagnosis to post surgery. She is warm and caring. Her staff is lovely to deal with.”

Monica – Google

“I have had breast cancer twice and I can honestly say I wouldn’t have been able to get through it without the support of the whole staff at the Bedford Breast Center. The first doctor I spoke to after my first diagnosis was Dr. Memsic and she completely calmed me down. She is not only a great surgeon, but an amazing human being. I also had Dr. Cassileth as one of my plastic surgeons. Her attention to detail and perfectionism are outstanding. Any time someone comes to me asking for referrals, I send them to the Bedford Breast Center. The office is clean and warm and the staff are fantastic.”

Stacey R. – Google

“Dr. Memsic is a dream come true. I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer and she was the 2nd doctor I met with. As soon as she walked into the room I knew she was the one. She is amazing in every way and saved my life. She is funny, cool, smart as hell and insanely talented. I trust her with every ounce and came out of surgery cancer free with no side effects of surgery. She is a game changer and cares SO much, always takes the time to listen and confidently gives you options and answers! I would give her 1 million stars if I could.”

Amy J. – Google

“Dr. Richardson is consummate professional and an expert in her field. Dr. Richardson detected my breast cancer, expertly guided me through the process of treatment options, and most importantly demonstrated she cared about me, her patient. I can’t say enough about how I felt completely taken care of by her and her staff at the Bedford Breast Center. If you are someone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer, then I recommend Dr. Heather Richardson as the breast cancer surgeon/specialist you should see. Dr. Richardson is truly brilliant and awesome.”

Loula M. – Google

“From the moment I entered the Bedford Breast Center the care was exceptional. I was met with the utmost compassion, which made everything feel easy and calm. The office is stunning and calming and the providers are knowledgeable, kind and professional. Everything possible was done to ensure I was at ease and had all of my questions answered. I feel blessed to have been referred here.”

Beverly T. – Google

“Dr Richardson is incredible. I don’t think I could find could find a comparable level of care anywhere else. She is a world class surgeon, but she never reduces you to just your diagnosis. She delivers both bad and good news herself and helps you choose the best treatment options. All the support staff at Bedford Breast Center is also great.”

Lily L. – Google

“A cancer diagnosis brings with it a long list of emotions. Anxiety can be on the top of that list. However, when you find a doctor who is knowledgeable, experienced, professional, caring, and explains things in a way you can put it all into proper perspective to make informed decisions regarding your care, it makes the anxiety melt away. That is the kind of doctor you have in Heather Richardson. I recommend her without hesitation. I am so thankful that she is my doctor!”

Marlene P. – Google

“The center is very warm and welcoming which is so important as many women with breast cancer history including myself are always a little nervous. Dora made me feel like I was in very safe and excellent hands. She took the time to answer the many questions I asked and followed up from my last visit. It is comforting to know that she had looked at my chart before she proceeded with the ultrasound.”

Janine L. – Google

“My friends keep on asking why I chose the Bedford Breast Center over Dr. Kristi Funk at Pink Lotus. The short answer is, I felt more at home with Bedford. I know that probably doesn’t help, but that’s the best way I can describe it. Bedford’s doctors, nurses and other team members treated me with a level of care that was above and beyond. I felt like I was getting the best care possible. I was at ease almost immediately when faced with a pretty difficult period in my life. And that feeling never went away.”

– Kristy T.

“I’ve never felt more seen or valued when it comes to a surgeon. Dr. Memsic is truly one of a kind and a master in her field! I’m so deeply grateful to have her on my team. I will never forget her— she helped me through the most challenging time of my life and made my surgery a truly healing experience.”

– Brittany B.

“While nursing my second child, I noticed a lump in my left breast. My OB was unable to see me until the following day so I asked for a referral. I ended up calling the Bedford Breast Center and they got me in the same day. Dr. Heather performed an ultrasound and explained I had a blocked milk duct. I am so grateful to Dr. Heather for taking the time to thoroughly explain breast anatomy to me and relieve my elevated concerns due to my family history of breast cancer. Also, her office feels more like a spa than a medical office… it smells refreshing and is so BEAUTIFUL! I can’t wait for their mammogram machine to arrive… I will be back every year for my mammogram!”

– Tracy W.

“Dr. Memsic is one of those doctors you refer to family and friends automatically. In fact, when my daughter recently found a lump, there was no other person I trusted to investigate and remove it than Leslie Memsic. She is professional, personal, and thorough. She evaluated the situation, and very quickly determined it had to be removed.”

– Merium A.

“I went for my annual mammogram and was told I have a “complicated” cyst and needed to return in six months for a follow up. I took to the internet and got myself worked up reading about all the possible things a “complicated” cyst could mean. The next morning, I called the radiology office back and asked whether I can do something sooner because I can’t worry for six months and prefer a solid answer now. They referred me to Dr. Richardson and her office offered to schedule me after her last patient the same day. Dr. Heather deflated the cyst, told me everything was good, and I was able to sleep through the night! Thank you, Dr. Heather!”

– Erin B.

“I chose Bedford Breast Center over any other breast center because I really felt comfortable with the doctors and staff. I checked out the celebrity center Pink Lotus – and though I thought they were professional – there was something missing from the experience. And what was lacking from my interaction with Pink Lotus Breast Center was fulfilled at Bedford. I really don’t know how to explain it, but my Bedford experience with Dr. Richardson was just comfortable, professional and she just GOT me. From the first time meeting with their team, it took a load of pressure, stress and anxiety right off of my shoulders. I don’t know what to say: it was just “love at first visit” with Bedford!”

– Brandi K.

“Dr. Memsic, is the BEST!!! all around. She’s a doctor that you like being around. She’s not an alarmist. What a terrific surgeon, fabulous attitude & personality. Wouldn’t consider another doctor.”

– Bernice R.

“Dr. Richardson is an amazing physician! I felt a lump in my breast and immediately called my OB’s office in a panic. He was out of town, but his office mgr referred me to Dr. Richardson who was able to see me that afternoon. Dr. Heather was lovely! She performed an ultrasound, showed me the screen and explained what she was seeing throughout the entire exam. I learned that I had a fibroadenoma, that is among the most common breast lumps in young women and that we could either do a biopsy to evaluate the lump or I could return in 6 months to measure it again. I am so relieved and thankful for the care I received from Dr. Heather! Thank you!”

– Jennifer Z.

“When looking for a breast center, I checked out quite a few and it came down to Pink Lotus or Bedford. After some extensive research, I decided to go with Bedford Breast Center simply because it was more of a correct fit for me and my needs.

First and most important is I really trust the doctors at Bedford, and though I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with the specialists at Pink Lotus Breast Center but I was surprised when I read some of their Yelp reviews. Also, the customer service at Bedford is next level amazing. There was never a time when I felt anything less than like I was the most important patient in the center. They take 5 star treatment to a whole other level.”

– Jen D.

“I highly recommend this office. I would give it 100 stars if I could. I came to Dr. Memsic with an umbilical hernia. She and her team took such excellent care of me. All of my anxious feelings melted away immediately upon meeting Dr. Memsic and I knew I was in good hands. This office is second to none.”

– Gina K.

Dr Richardson is incredible. I don’t think I could find a comparable level of care anywhere else. She is a world class surgeon, but she never reduces you to just your diagnosis. She delivers both bad and good news herself and helps you choose the best treatment options. All the support staff at Bedford Breast Center is also great.”

Lily I.

“I hold Dr. Heather Richardson and her expertise in the highest regard. When I learned of my breast cancer diagnosis I researched and interviewed many surgeons. Dr. Richardson was the most clear, compassionate, knowledgeable, and trusted in her field. Her ability to communicate all aspects of my road ahead was invaluable to me. Dr. Richardson is an excellent surgeon who I greatly recommend.”

– Elizabeth S.


“Highly highly recommend this center. I have had multiple mammograms here over the years but I recently had to have a procedure there called a vacuum extraction biopsy and the whole experience was a pleasure (as far as medical procedures go.) I was seen by Dora Afrahim, who was absolutely lovely, caring and an excellent practitioner from the consultations, in-house procedure and follow ups. It was easy and quick and I had minimal to zero pain and discomfort after. The medical assistants were also so kind and friendly and efficient, I would give this place 6 stars if I could.”

Stacey K. – Yelp

“These women are impressively skilled while also having great bedside manners. Dora highlighted an area of concern that Dr. Richardson also noted and determined would need a needle biopsy. Four needles later…2 for numbing by Dora, 2 probes by Dr. R., I never felt an ounce pain or discomfort. All of this was done with sure hands and calming reassurances. I was kept fully informed at every step, with well-chosen words free from alarm. On top of this, both Dr. Richardson and Dora are caring and thoughtful women. Special shout-out to Dora for every gracious attention, so considerate — I’m grateful. Everyone at the front desk too — warm, professional, lovely.”

H.G. – Yelp

Direct-to-Implant Breast Reconstruction

“I was under the care of a dream team; Dr. Richardson from Bedford Breast Center performed my double mastectomy and Dr. Cassileth performed the Direct to Implant Reconstruction. These women are the best in their field, they are innovative, they are evolving and they are the team you want. Who knew I could get a nerve graft to maintain nipple sensation? Who knew I could opt for healing peptides to accelerate my healing process? I felt like I got behind the velvet rope and had access to the level of medical care that LeBron James has!!”

Fiona C. – Yelp

“I feel incredibly blessed to have Dr. Richardson as my breast surgeon and Dr. Killeen as my plastic surgeon. Dr. Richardson helped guide me through triple negative breast cancer and was always by biggest cheerleader. Dr. Killeen made me feel at ease before my DMX with reconstruction. Both doctors are highly knowledgable, friendly, caring, compassionate, patient… I can go on and on. There is something very special about having your breast surgeon and plastic surgeon work together and in sync as you go through an emotionally challenging surgery. Thank you both!!!”

Ryane B. – Yelp

Genetic Testing

“I went into Bedford breast center a while back and got genetic testing done. The whole process was so quick and easy. I recently went back and had an appointment with Dora the PA and she took the time to answer all my questions in depth. Overall love this office.”

Ashley K. – Google

“Dr. Richardson and everyone at Bedford Breast Center make an often overwhelming and uncomfortable experience as calm and welcoming as possible. As someone with a family history of breast cancer and gene mutations, I’ve learned so much about my breast health since seeing Dr. Richardson – and she has made me feel more empowered and confident in proactively taking care of my health. So grateful for the BBC team!”

Marika L. – Google


“There is absolutely no one better than Drs. Memsic and Richardson and Bedford Breast Center for breast care!!!! Dr. Richardson did my lumpectomies two years ago and Dr. Memsic took over my care when I reached Medicare age. I have never felt so comfortable or well taken care of in any medical facility anywhere. They are by far the best in knowledge, caring and follow-up. I’m incredibly lucky I found them and the 3hour drive I make each way to their office is absolutely worth it!!!”

Ro D. – Google

“I can’t begin to explain how lucky I am to be a patient of Dr Leslie Memsic’s. Dr. Memsic is not only a brilliant doctor and surgeon (she did a lumpectomy and double mastectomy on me as it turned out I had very early breast cancer), her warmth and down-to-earth nature is such a breath of fresh air and RELIEF. Dr. Memsic would look me in the eye and patiently, thoughtfully, and compassionately (and sometimes with a very good sense of humor when appropriate) answer all my questions or concerns. I really can’t say enough wonderful things about Dr. Memsic. All patients should have access to doctors are fabulous as her.”

Erin J. – Google

“Five Stars. Highest rating. I feel so fortunate to have found Dr. Richardson and the Bedford Breast Center team when I did. I had two procedures done there. First, an ultrasound-guided core needle breast biopsy (my first time for this) which was followed later by a surgical lumpectomy (also my first time) — both of which were performed by Dr Heather Richardson. What. A. Pro. Dr. Richardson is the perfect mix of professional, confident and incredibly competent… while also being totally relatable, warm and caring. Like anyone, I was scared for both of these procedures. But every person I encountered at Bedford Breast Center – from my first phone call to ask questions…  to my last follow up – was wonderful. They were true *health care professionals*. Every communication before, during and after this process reflected their gold standard of patient care. I have healed really well and am very grateful to you all.”

Stephanie H. – Yelp


“This was my first time at the Bedford Breast Center. The office staff are amazing, so friendly and professional. The technician was great and and made my mammogram exam a pleasant experience. I highly recommend Bedford Breast Center and I will be returning annually. They deserve 10 stars!!”

Lolli W. – Google

“Carmen was so friendly, comforting, and gentle. She made me feel at ease about the mammogram and was so quick too! The staff was incredibly nice as well. I got an appt quickly which I really needed. I will definitely be coming here every year.”

Jillian S. – Google

“I went to Bedford Breast Center for my mammogram today. The Mammo Technologist Carmen was outstanding! She was very kind, professional and informative about the exam. I had a great experience and would recommend her to anyone. Terrific staff and facility all around.”

Allison G. – Google

“Always a great experience! Carmen takes the best, pain free, mammograms I ever had. They have the latest, state of the art machine! Everybody at Bedford Breast Center are amazing and they make you feel very comfortable. My highest recommendation!”

Maggie Z. – Yelp –

“Going to my yearly mammograms are the most stressful thing I ever do. This place was so relaxing and my ultrasound technician was amazing and assured me every step of the way. I recommend this place to everyone.”

– Shery K.


“In May of 2020, Dr Leslie Memsic performed a bilateral mastectomy surgery for me. While this was a time of great stress, I always felt like I was in the most competent hands possible. From the moment of our first (virtual) meeting to my post-op visits, Dr Memsic showed herself to be extremely warm, interested, professional, intensely compassionate and talented. Having surgery during a pandemic was a bit challenging, but she made me feel extremely well cared for. What I didn’t fully appreciate at the time was what a truly superior surgeon she is. I’ve learned that yes, reconstruction is what we see (and I also had the most amazing plastic surgeon for that portion of the surgery- Dr Kelly Killeen from Casselith Plastic Surgery Center), but without the finesse, patience and talent of your general surgeon, optimal results are not achievable. Dr Memsic is THAT surgeon! She is also surrounded by amazing colleagues. You will not be sorry in choosing Bedford Breast Center and Dr. Memsic.”

Melissa B. – Google –

“I traveled from Las Vegas to California for surgery with Dr Richardson. I had been diagnosed with stage zero breast cancer and due to previous lumpectomies and tissue loss, I had to have a mastectomy. I had been told by another surgeon that I would lose my nipple and the incision would be across my breast. I was extremely happy to find out from Dr Richardson that I was a candidate for nipple sparing surgery with direct to implant reconstruction and an infra-mammary incision. Dr Richardson is very knowledgeable and confident and answered all of my questions, putting me at ease for surgery. Dr Richardson is top notch. The Klara messaging system is fantastic as well putting me in contact with my care team whenever I had questions. Thank you.”

Kerry G. – Google

“I am so grateful that I connected with the Bedford Breast Center. From day one they have been nothing but accommodating and informative. Dr. Richardson has been a true blessing and if it wasn’t for her kind and gentle nature, I would probably have a different mindset. She went out of her way for me in so many ways and I do not know how to thank her enough. She performed a double mastectomy for me with the help of Dr. Killeen (another angel from above). I was very nervous, scared and hesitant at times but Dr. Richardson ALWAYS made time for me and never made me feel as if I was alone. She always answered my calls and if I had any questions, she would insist I come in to the office so we could chat about it. The double mastectomy was not something I really was looking forward too, but the results are impeccable.. My experience was nothing short of excellent!”

MaryAnne S. – Yelp

“I cannot say enough great things about Dr Richardson! Earlier this year, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and my world went spinning. Dr. Richardson was an answer to a prayer. She is the perfect combination of a highly skilled surgeon and a caring human being (you don’t often find these to go hand-in-hand with care providers). She performed a bilateral mastectomy within a few weeks of my diagnosis. Throughout all my interactions with her, she has always been highly professional, supportive and extremely thorough. I am less than 4 months from my surgery and I’ve had multiple follow-up visits with Dr. Richardson. I have never felt a lack of care. I highly recommend Dr. Richardson.”

Annie S. – Yelp

“I have BRCA2 and was looking at several surgeons to do a double mastectomy on me. Going through this process is very frightening and no one can tell you what to expect. I was referred to Dr. Memsic by a patient of hers that had a mastectomy. I knew she was the right doctor for me as soon as we met. She validated my fears, but also rationalized them. She never made me feel like I was just another patient. I felt like she became a part of my family. I am very relieved not to have had cancer, but if I did have to travel that route I know that I would want her to be beside me every step of the way. I cannot recommend her enough!”

– Gina F.

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to have a double mastectomy. I was prepared for this, but I really wanted my breasts to still look good after surgery! I met with two doctors who told me that I couldn’t keep my nipples, even though I did research and knew that it was safe. Then I met Dr. Heather Richardson! She said I was a candidate and was fabulous and caring as my surgeon. My friends at my support group keep pulling me to the bathroom to show them my boobs, they can’t believe it’s a bilateral mastectomy because it looks so good! Thank you for saving my life AND giving me great boobs, Dr. H! We can’t even see a scar!”

– Chelsea N.


“Extremely knowledgeable, responsive group who genuinely care. I recently experienced back-to-back cases of mastitis and needed a mammogram and ultrasound. My current health group could not schedule me until 3 months out, which was unacceptable with repetitive cases of mastitis. My lactation consultant recommended the Bedford Breast Center, and they were able to book me within the week. During my visit, they found they needed to collect a sample and we’re able to fit me in while I was there, which was both convenient and reassuring to address this all in the immediate. As soon as the results were in, I was contacted by Dora to discuss immediate care and schedule follow-ups. Everyone there was wonderful, and I really appreciated Dora’s sense of care, approachability, and professionalism.”

Hayley S. – Yelp


“I had an amazing experience with Dr Richardson. She is a truly talented doctor that really cares about your health and your experience. I’ve been told by two other doctors that the only option I had is to get a surgery done, while Dr Richardson made it clear that she could remove it without a surgery in less than 15 min. And she really did it! That’s called MILR procedure. It was painless and scarless. Highly recommend this clinic. Their staff is amazing!”

Anastasia A. – Google

Port Placement

“I had a port placed with Dr. Richardson last Tuesday.  I drove to LA from Orange County to meet with her and learn about her technique the week before.  She is an amazing person and surgeon who explained her process thoroughly and answered all of my questions.  I’m so grateful that I found her and was able to have a port placed with no visible scarring (incision is under my armpit). This was important to me, as I don’t need anymore “battle scars” or “badges of honor.”  She took great care in looking at my anatomy and placing it where it needed to be that was best for me.  I did not want a port, but now I have one in the best possible way for me and I think fondly of the experience.  Every little bit helps when you are going through a cancer battle, in my opinion. And Dr. Richardson provided me with something no one else could. All by changing the “standard of care” a little bit to allow for a better result.  That is the kind of doctor you want. She has a great heart and is so patient and kind, too. Excellent bedside manner.  I’m so, so glad I met her.”

Stephanie B. – Yelp

Prophylactic Mastectomy

“The experience of my first appointment was a game changer — BRCA patients who have dealt with brash or pushy doctors know how sensitive and scary new appointments can be. Dr. Richardson was SO nice from the get go. I had always wanted to do a preventative mastectomy and reconstruction, and Dr. Richardson helped explain their one-stage process (I didn’t even know it was a possibility!) in a way that made sense. She referred me to Dr. Killeen, next door at Cassileth Plastic Surgery, and I ultimately chose them as my team, doing the surgery just a couple of months later.”

Kelli L. – Yelp

“I am one week post-op from my preventative double mastectomy with Dr. Richardson and I couldn’t be any happier! Who would have thought that I would have BETTER boobs after a mastectomy? Well, Dr. Richardson and Dr. Cassileth gave me perfect breasts. Undergoing a double mastectomy is no easy journey- but Dr. Richardson was there the whole way cheering me along and guiding me. I love her! They have an amazing team (shout out to Nora!) – they are so kind and you feel so welcome and safe there. If you are thinking about having a double mastectomy – I without a doubt would recommend Dr. Richardson. I can’t express how amazing she is and how happy I am. I feel beautiful and whole again.”

Sara A. – Yelp


“The ultrasound tech who I have seen for years is always incredibly kind and professional. I have never felt like I was being rushed through. They take their time with exams and are always available to answer your questions.”

K.H. – Google

“My Obgyn recommended Bedford Breast Center for my breast ultrasound and I am EXTREMELY PLEASED with the level of attentiveness and care. They answered all of my questions during my very first breast ultrasound and made me feel comfortable, valued and safe to ask all questions in regards to my breasts. Thank you so much. I highly recommend.”

Kristen C. – Google

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