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Woman hand checking lumps on her breast from fat injections.

What Should You Do If You Have Hard Lumps After Natural Breast Augmentation (Fat Grafting)?

Fat necrosis—the lumps that sometimes appear after fat grafting breast augmentation—is a troubling occurrence for patients after the procedure. However, having a hard lump after natural breast augmentation or reconstruction is a benign event that is more of a cosmetic issue and a matter of physical comfort than a serious or life-threatening health concern. Here, …

Have Questions About Breast Cancer? Listen to the Best Breast Cancer Surgeons in Los Angeles – Not Lifestyle Bloggers

Lifestyle bloggers have a very specific–and sometimes useful–purpose. They help us find the best restaurants, the most affordable home furnishings, and the most flattering styles of jeans for a pear or apple shape. Unfortunately, they all-too-often stray beyond the boundaries of the merely aesthetic, and into territory that may have lasting, and even negative, effects …

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Fibroadenoma During Pregnancy and Other Breast Health Questions Answered

Fibroadenoma During Pregnancy and Other Breast Health Questions Answered Breast abnormalities are certainly serious, but discovering a mass or lump in the breast during or immediately after pregnancy can be doubly frightening. Here are a few common questions answered about managing breast health before, during, and after pregnancy by our Beverly Hills breast specialists. Should …