Have Questions About Breast Cancer? Listen to the Best Breast Cancer Surgeons in Los Angeles – Not Lifestyle Bloggers

Lifestyle bloggers have a very specific–and sometimes useful–purpose. They help us find the best restaurants, the most affordable home furnishings, and the most flattering styles of jeans for a pear or apple shape. Unfortunately, they all-too-often stray beyond the boundaries of the merely aesthetic, and into territory that may have lasting, and even negative, effects on public health.

Ever heard of coffee enemas? What about vaginal steaming? Have you considered consuming raw water or performing a home detox? Take all of these trends with a sizeable grain of coarse Korean gray sea salt. “Wellness” trends are cluttering the blogosphere only because they are profitable not only to those who devise them, but to those who promote them.

However, when they converge upon potentially serious health concerns, like obesity, diabetes, and breast cancer, the potential harm could far outweigh any possible gains. Here are a few wellness trends that should never, ever supersede the advice of your physician.

Avoiding underwire bras in order to prevent breast cancer.

If you find underwire bras uncomfortable or unnecessary, you may decide not to wear them, but choosing not to wear an underwire bra in no way affects the likelihood of a breast cancer diagnosis. Do not for one moment believe that tossing out your underwire bras means you can skip a breast cancer screening.

Healing stickers.

Ostensibly, these are stickers that promote “ideal energetic frequency” and correct “internal imbalance.” They’re supposed to strengthen weakened immune systems and facilitate health, somehow. Needless to say, anyone who opts to wear stickers in place of seeking actual medical attention for a legitimate health concern is putting their physical wellbeing at great risk.

Bee stings.

“Apitherapy,” or the medicinal application of bee venom, has been promoted as a treatment for injuries by numerous questionable wellness sources. This “treatment” has not been shown to provide any health benefits, and may not only exacerbate whatever untreated injury that may be present, they may also trigger serious, potentially fatal, medical events if the patient has a bee venom allergy.

Routine “cleansing” colonics.

Colonics, also called colonic irrigation or colonic hydrotherapy, have been touted for having “detoxifying” effects and promoting disease prevention – some even go so far as to suggest that colonics reduce the risk of developing colon cancer.

In reality, there is absolutely no scientific evidence to suggest that performing a colonic without a specific medical need is at all beneficial. A colonic can, in fact, be very dangerous. The risks include introducing bacteria into the colon, perforating the bowel, exacerbating kidney disease, and causing side effects such as severe cramping and vomiting.

Bedford Breast Center is proud to offer the best breast cancer surgeons in Los Angeles, who deliver the highest standard of care to each and every patient. If you have concerns about your breast health or want to consult with a physician about breast cancer screenings, contact the team online or call Bedford Breast Center at (310) 278-8590 to schedule a consultation.

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