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Breast Reconstruction after Double Mastectomy

According to a study by The American Cancer Society, “In 2013, an estimated 232,340 new cases of invasive breast cancer were expected to be diagnosed among US women.” Every year women learn about their diagnosis. Luckily, every year some of these same women receive care and treatment at our Beverly Hills breast center. When it comes to breast reconstruction there are many different procedures and techniques to consider such as breast reconstruction with flap vs with implant, traditional breast reconstruction surgery, or revision breast reconstruction. The following breast reconstruction options are available for women:

  1. Traditional Breast Reconstruction – After patients opt for mastectomy, they can speak to their surgeon about traditional breast reconstruction. By choosing a traditional breast approach, patients opt for tissue expanders. Cosmetic surgeons place expanders in the chest during mastectomy procedures. While the patient heals, these expanders stretch skin and muscle in the chest area accommodating implant placement. Many women choose the traditional technique for breast restoration.
  2. One-Stage Breast Reconstruction – Unlike the traditional option, a one-stage reconstruction creates results immediately. The technique, created by Cassileth Plastic Surgery surgeon Dr. Cassileth, offers women a unique experience; patients wake up from their mastectomy with their new breasts intact. In this procedure, the reconstruction is performed immediately following the mastectomy; eliminating the need to have implants placed at a later time. The procedure, in addition to eliminating downtime, also minimizes recovery.
  3. Breast Reconstruction Revision – Some patients have already had a reconstructive surgery, but experienced less than optimum results. As another option for mastectomy patients, a revision procedure can recreate a more pleasing appearance. Some patients have large scars, misaligned breast tissue, or asymmetrical breasts. For these patients, Dr. Cassileth corrects these issues to create a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Whatever breast reconstruction option patients choose, they can expect optimum results at Bedford Breast Center. Our highly skilled team of breast cancer surgeons guide our patients through their breast reconstruction procedure. We carefully evaluate each patient to determine the best plan and procedure to give them excellent results.

For more information, patients are encouraged to visit the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Lisa Cassileth’s website. Patients can learn more about Dr. Cassileth, the staff, and the Cassileth Plastic Surgery Experience. Patients can also read more Bedford Breast Center by browsing our site for breast screening and treatment options, contact information or schedule appointment online. Learn more about breast health, breast screenings, and other information. Contact us at (424) 202-3753 or visit us on North Bedford Drive.

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