Bedford Breast Center specializes in breast reconstruction revision surgery in order to help breast cancer patients regain their self-confidence.

Our breast surgeons see patients every week who are unhappy with their previous breast reconstruction surgery. Some of these women have had surgery recently while others were treated many years ago before new surgical techniques were made available.

At Bedford Breast Center, helping cancer patients in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Glendale, Los Angeles, and Malibu, CA, feel whole and beautiful again is our specialty and sometimes that means correcting breast reconstruction results from previous surgeries with the best breast reconstruction revision surgery Los Angeles has available.

The team of top breast reconstruction revision surgeons at Bedford Breast Center consult with women in the Los Angeles area and throughout the country. These surgeons are among the top plastic surgeons in America and are in very high demand.

Breast reconstruction revision surgery requires an extremely high level of skill and experience to repair the results of past surgery or to repair the damage caused by radiation therapy.

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Breast Reconstruction Revision Los Angeles

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When Is Breast Reconstruction Revision Surgery Necessary?

There are many reasons that breast reconstruction revision surgery is necessary. In patients who received breast implants, capsular contracture can cause malformation and pain. Breasts can change shape over time, or due to breast cancer radiation therapy. This creates an unbalanced appearance. Hollows and lumps can appear in areas that make wearing low-cut tops impossible. Older techniques in mastectomy often left large scars.

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Patients will be relieved to know that there are several breast reconstruction revision options available to replace implants using fat or tissue from their own body.

This option creates a natural-looking breast with material that won’t be rejected by the body’s immune system. If that is not an option, there are advances in the use of a collagen-based material, called acellular dermal matrix (ADM) which has been used to form an internal bra to support implants thereby creating a beautiful natural silhouette.

Breast reconstruction revision surgery requires more than the highest level of surgical skill. According to our surgeons, problem solving and attention to the smallest details, along with surgical skill, provide patients with the greatest chance at receiving beautiful breast reconstruction results.

Our surgeons possess those skills and qualities, allowing them to provide superior breast reconstruction revision. Our many happy patients agree with this assessment and are delighted with their results. For more information about breast reconstruction revision or to schedule an appointment contact our Beverly Hills medical clinic at 310-278-8590.

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