Are Breast Cancer Surgeons Removing Women’s Nipples Needlessly?

Bedford Breast Center

Many breast surgeons continue to remove the nipples when performing mastectomy — resulting in disfigured breasts and a loss of self-confidence for the patient.

Nipple-Sparring Mastectomy

Most breast cancers can be treated without removing the nipples. A nipple-sparing mastectomy is safe in almost all patients except those in which cancer is found in the nipple (5%).

Women facing breast cancer deserve to know all their options, to be offered the most effective treatment available and the best aesthetic outcomes possible.

At Bedford Breast Center we perform a nipple sparing mastectomy on over 95% of our breast cancer surgery patients.

The procedure is performed using a small incision hidden in the crease below the breast, and breasts are reconstructed through that incision, leaving the skin, and areola intact – giving our patients breasts that look beautiful and natural. We encourage you to contact our office in Beverly Hills online or call (310) 278-8590 today.

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