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Woman considering a breast reconstruction after a breast cancer diagnosis

Oncoplastic Surgery: Enhancing Breast Conservation Surgery

At Bedford Breast Center, we prioritize preserving health and aesthetics, which is why we're proud to offer oncoplastic surgery. This specialized approach combines oncology principles with plastic surgery techniques to achieve optimal outcomes for breast-conserving surgery. What is Oncoplastic Surgery? Oncoplastic surgery is a sophisticated approach that blends the expertise of oncologic surgery with the …

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Removing Noncancerous Breast Lumps: MILR vs. Traditional Surgery

After discovering a noncancerous breast lump, most patients’ first question is how to remove it. While these benign masses (known medically as fibroadenomas) are not life-threatening, they can still cause significant discomfort and anxiety. In this blog post, we will discuss your options for removing noncancerous breast lumps, including traditional surgical removal and the innovative …

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Fibroadenoma During Pregnancy: Answering Your Breast Health Questions

Fibroadenoma During Pregnancy: Answering Your Breast Health Questions Breast abnormalities are certainly serious, but discovering a mass or lump in the breast during or immediately after pregnancy can be doubly frightening. Below, our Beverly Hills breast specialists answer common questions about managing breast health before, during, and after pregnancy. Should I have fibroadenomas removed during …