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Bedford Breast Center

Will You Need Breast Reconstruction After Breast Cancer Surgery? What You Need to Know About Breast Surgery

The majority of women who have received a breast cancer diagnosis will have surgery as a part of their treatment. But is breast reconstruction surgery a necessary procedure for every patient? Can breast cancer surgery and breast reconstruction be one procedure? Bedford Breast Center specializes in providing comprehensive breast health services, helping patients triumph over …

Bedford Breast Center

What Should I Expect During a Breast Biopsy? How Long do Breast Biopsy Results Take? Your Questions About Breast Biopsy Answered

Finding a suspicious lump is certainly troubling however getting a breast biopsy results can be a relief and the first step to recovery. What is involved in having a breast biopsy? We discuss the types of biopsies and what can be expected from the results of your breast tissue pathology reports. Bedford Breast Center is …