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    The 5 Most Important Questions to Ask Your Breast Cancer Surgeon

    The 5 Most Important Questions to Ask Your Breast Cancer Surgeon

    By Heather Richardson, MD, FACS

    At Bedford Breast Center in Beverly Hills, CA we strive to provide our patients with the best care to ensure optimal breast health. We are passionate about screening, early detection, and curing breast cancer disease. Our team of breast specialists, Dr. Heather Richardson and Dr. Leslie Memsic strive to provide patients with a caring environment where patients are educated on the best options for their diagnosis.

    We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 questions patients should ask their breast cancer surgeon below:

    Q1.  What is my post-op pain control plan? Do you use long-acting Marcaine (Experel) Or a pain pump (On-Q)? Or a regional block? How long does it take for most of your patients to feel well enough to go back to work?

    Q2. Can I keep my nipple? If not, Why? Have you ever heard of other surgeons allowing a patient like me keep their nipple?

    Q3. What are the good and bad things to know about implants? And about tissue transfer surgery? Which do you think is the best choice for me?

    Q4.  What is the plan for monitoring the tissue left behind after the surgery? What should I expect to feel after healing is complete?

    Q5. What is your rate of nipple death and skin death for your patients? What are the typical rates for most doctors/this area?

    And one not so helpful question…

    Q. “What would you do if you were me?”

    Why is this not a great question?  What feels right to one person, may seem too risky for another. Plus, it really doesn’t matter what they or anyone else thinks about themselves, what matters is how you feel about your course of treatment.

    Asking these questions to your breast cancer surgeon can help to eliminate uncertainties, understand your post-op care, and eliminate worrying and fear.

    Bedford Breast Center’s philosophy is to provide our patients with the best care and treatment plan options available in Beverly Hills, CA. Our best-in-class doctors perform nipple-sparing mastectomies, offer same-day appointments, provide a thorough evaluation of risks to prevent future disease.