The Bedford Breast Center was created to provide the best care possible for our patients. As female physicians, we felt that treatment could be improved upon on all levels; from excellent diagnostic techniques to easy scheduling for mammography or breast ultrasound, presented in a beautiful facility with a kind, friendly staff that runs on time.

Patients can talk to our onsite radiologist directly about abnormal findings and get an immediate biopsy if needed. We offer on-site consultations with a breast surgical oncologist, so there is no gap between evaluation and treatment.

We provide the best care at the surgical level: this means hidden lumpectomy scars, and not leaving divots that can increase with radiation. This means that we perform nipple sparing mastectomies and saving all normal skin, and never putting a large scar across the chest; and we offer early intervention to prevent any loss of functionality, ever. We believe in a higher standard of care, for ourselves and for you. It’s who we are.