This ground-breaking breast cancer treatment option has been called a miracle for women who are candidates, and our surgeons are very proud to offer incredible results through one-stage breast reconstruction.

How Is It Different From Traditional Breast Reconstruction?

Traditional breast reconstruction requires one or more surgeries after the original mastectomy. There is usually a large scar which restricts clothing choices, and because the procedure is delayed, it may not be possible to save the nipple and areola. Tissue expanders are placed under the chest muscles during the mastectomy surgery. These expanders are used to make room for implants. This is achieved by injecting saline solution into the chest expanders over several months which can be painful. During the second surgery, the spacers are removed and replaced with implants. It is the prospect of more surgery following mastectomy that discourages some women from even considering breast reconstruction.

One-Stage Breast Reconstruction Story

Knowledge is vital when considering breast cancer reconstruction methods. At Bedford Breast Center, we take special care to ensure our patients are fully informed of all aspects of breast reconstruction. In this way our patients can be confident that they are making fully informed decisions that meet their needs. Our patients are delighted to realize that the one-stage breast reconstruction technique was pioneered and perfected by one of our surgeons, Dr. Lisa Cassileth. This is a new innovation in breast reconstruction that has the main benefit of allowing the mastectomy and reconstruction surgery to take place at the same time. Considering our very own surgeon developed the procedure, you can be assured you are in capable hands when receiving your one-stage breast reconstruction.

One-Stage Breast Reconstruction Before & After

One-Stage Breast Reconstruction Before & After


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Thanks to you I was able to wear a beautiful low-cut wedding gown and showed off my new boobs! We love you for all that you did for me and continue to do for others…Thank you so much! (2 years cancer-free!)

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The One-Stage Breast Reconstruction Procedure

In this procedure there are two surgical specialists doing specific parts of the surgery. To begin, the general surgeon removes the breast tissue through a very small incision to minimize scarring. Following this step, the plastic surgeon inserts the implant and creates an internal bra using a special collagen substance. This results in a beautiful, natural breast that looks good almost immediately following surgery, and ensures you receive the finest results with one-stage breast reconstruction available.

Advantages of One-Stage Breast Reconstruction

There are several benefits to one-stage breast reconstruction. Women wake from their mastectomy surgery with breasts. The symmetry and result is superior to anything that has so far been developed. The scarring is so minimal that women can wear bathing suits and low-cut clothing with confidence. Dr. Cassileth’s work was published by the Annals of Plastic Surgery and is quickly becoming the standard of care for mastectomy patients in America.

Getting the Right Mastectomy

The Bedford Breast Center exists to provide our patients with world-class treatment and guidance while going through the diagnosis and treatment phases of cancer. Los Angeles attracts among the top surgeons in the country and at our center, we have two of the country’s top breast cancer surgeons performing an innovative ‘one-step’ mastectomy and double mastectomy surgery, and among the finest results in single and double mastectomy Los Angeles has to offer. Cancer surgery has progressed at an unprecedented rate over the past 10 years.

Fly-in for Surgery in Beverly Hills

The Bedford Breast Center is proud to be able to offer these procedures and other breast reconstruction methods to our patients as part of our commitment of providing a comprehensive breast care medical center unique to the Los Angeles area.

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