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Non-Surgical Breast Lump Removal

Have you ever felt a lump in your breast and after having been evaluated, told that there was “nothing there” and that they should just live with it?

Many patients go through expensive and time-consuming evaluations and at the end of their journey, they essentially get a figurative pat on the knee and are sent away.

Learning that a suspicious mass or breast lump is a non-cancerous fibroadenoma is certainly great news, it is still important to have a thorough understanding of your treatment options.

At Bedford Breast Center in Beverly Hills, our breast specialists go the extra mile to make sure that every patient with a question or concern has a reasonable explanation for what they are feeling as a symptom or density or change within their breast tissue.

If you have been diagnosed as having a non-cancerous lump in your breast, you don’t have to live with it. You can have it removed, without surgery.

The breast specialists of Bedford Breast Center offer the finest, most comprehensive fibroadenoma treatment in Los Angeles.

What is a Fibroadenoma?

Fortunately, many things and sensations that we have in our breasts are attributable to completely healthy, non-cancerous causes. But uneven healthy tissue or a safe growth has Karista patterns and appearances that are easily pointed out and explained to patients.

What you’re feeling isn’t anything, but it is probably a benign fibroadenoma growth.

Fibroadenoma symptoms can be subtle, and may only be detectible by mammogram. These growths do not expand beyond the breast tissue, are only a few millimeters in size, and most often do not cause pain or discomfort.

A fibroadenoma growth or tumor may be felt during a self-examination, and will typically feel firm and smooth. While any growth or change in the breasts should be examined by a physician as soon as possible, the good news is that fibroadenoma treatment may not require anything more invasive than an in-office procedure.

And in even better news – we have a technique and Bedford Breast Center to rid you of safe appearing lumps that are bothersome because of pain or because of tissue texture that does not involve surgery, does not create a visible scar and there is no downtime. It is performed with a local anesthetic in our office and has no downtime.

The procedure can often be performed the same day as your appointment if this is feasible with respect to time constraints. It typically takes 15-45 minutes, depending on the size of the area. There are no stitches, and the procedure is covered by most insurance policies.

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If you or someone you know has been told that they have a “nothing there” breast lump that is bothersome that they want to be removed, or if they’ve been told that they have a non-cancerous growth that they wish was gone but do not want surgery, Bedford Breast Center fibroadenoma treatment, or non-surgical lumpectomy, may be the perfect option. Contact our Los Angeles breast specialists or call (310) 278-8590 Bedford Breast Center in Beverly Hills today.