Fat grafting breast augmentation using fat injections has become popular among women in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Glendale, Los Angeles, and Malibu, CA, as people seek more natural ways to achieve their aesthetic goals. Fat injections to augment the breasts is now widely performed in cosmetic and breast reconstruction surgery as a breast cancer treatment in Beverly Hills.

With the increase in the number of fat grafting surgeries performed, there has been an increase in complications such as fat necrosis, oil cysts, and calcifications resulting in hard masses or lumps in the breasts. These complications are more common in patients who have undergone multiple fat grafting procedures or due to poor surgical technique.

Bubbles of dead fat can form under or around the breast tissue, also known as fat necrosis, which can result in hard, painful lumps and masses leading to skin discoloration, unevenness and hard, painful breasts.

Types of Dead Fat in Breasts:

  • Cystic Lumps- Oily consistency
  • Complex Lumps- Mixed oily and solid consistency
  • Calcification Lumps- Hard solid masses

Treating Hard Breast Lumps

Bedford Breast Center’s team of breast specialists in Beverly Hills uses ultrasound guidance technology for a minimally invasive treatment, called MILR (Minimally Invasive Lump Removal), that can remove oil cysts and hard lumps of fat using a small needle or probe to dissolve the hardened fat.

Using minimally invasive ultrasound guidance allows our team of breast specialists to remove fat deposits and lumps from under the skin without disturbing the healthy breast tissue or causing any damage to the surrounding area. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia and has a short recovery time.

Recovery Time

Healing time for small areas is 1 to 2 weeks however larger masses can take up to 4 weeks to fully heal. It is important to allow for the technique to work and heal before determining if more than one session is needed. For larger masses or areas, various sessions spread out into stages may be needed.

Who is a Good Candidate?

Anyone who is in good health and has undergone a previous fat grafting breast augmentation procedure who is dissatisfied with their results is a good candidate for this minimally invasive procedure.

Additional Fat Grafting Procedures

It is important to understand that more than one treatment may be needed to achieve the desired volume and fullness. Additional treatments may also be needed if patients have larger areas of solid fat build up that have resulted in removal of the area which can leave divots in areas of the breasts or cause hollowing.

To address these issues, additional fat grafting may need to be performed. We work closely with an experienced team of fat grafting breast experts who have exceptionally low fat necrosis rates.

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