Non-Surgical Breast Removal Procedure

Non-surgical Breast lump removal while guided by a breast ultrasound, performed by Heather Richardson, MD.

Gynecomastia Surgery Testimonial

What to do if you find a breast lump?

Dr. Leslie Memsic of the Bedford Breast Center, talks about what women should do if they find a lump in their breast.

Breast cancer risks: fact or fiction

Dr. Leslie Memsic explains the risks factors for breast cancer. And what every woman can do to help reduce those risk factors.

Breast cancer surgery: mastectomy vs lumpectomy

Mastectomy vs Lumpectomy – Dr. Leslie Memsic talks about the two most used treatments for breast cancer.

Lumpectomy with breast reduction

The patient in this video had infiltrating ductal carcinoma, grade II of the right breast. Dr. Heather Richardson, of the removed the cancer with a lumpectomy.

Dr. Cassileth’s Direct-to-Implant Reconstruction

Women considering mastectomy now have a direct-to-implant reconstruction option to multi-surgery, multi-month breast reconstruction. Watch Alyssa’s Story.