#SelfieToStayHealthy: Getting in the habit of a Monthly Breast Self Exam

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#SelfieToStayHealthy: Why you should get in the habit of a Monthly Breast Self Exam.

While there are about as many books, blogs, theories and philosophies about how to lose weight as there are humans on Earth, there isn’t enough attention on something that I feel more than passionate about: Monthly Breast Self Exams.

Why You Should Do A Monthly Breast Self Exam

As a breast cancer surgeon at Bedford Breast Cancer Center in Beverly Hills, monthly Breast self-exams, in my opinion, are as important as eating your greens or your regular exercise regimen. Monthly breast self-exams, done properly, can aid in detecting early signs of breast cancer, which can increase your recovery potential many times over. Detecting cancer in its early stages and acting quickly can increase your probability of recovery almost tenfold. Being ten times more likely to survive after being diagnosed with breast cancer just by detecting it early is a pretty important statistic.

Some might scoff at the assertion that a self-exam is as important as other issues like diet and exercise, but I am not trying to usurp any limelight on those issues: I’m trying to add an additional flavor to the mix.

Put simply, breast cancer gets meaner the longer you don’t do anything about it. Many patients who were lucky enough to detect a cancerous lump in its early stages reported no health abnormalities at all. They still felt as they always did and had no reason to think something was awry. So it goes without saying that detecting an abnormality early in its existence is the best way to fight it.

The fact of the matter is breast cancer is one of the more treatable forms of cancer when caught in early stages. Many patients who detect breast cancer in its early stages can defeat it with a minimal loss to their quality of life.

This leads me to the point of this little note: Take a selfie this month – a breast “selfie” exam. We’ll call it a #selfietostayhealthy. Set aside the five to ten minutes it takes today to ensure you have your health tomorrow. Then prove it by shooting out a tweet, a Facebook update or an Instagram post using the hashtag #selfietostayhealthy.

Push all the ladies you know to follow suit. Let’s help save lives! Let’s start a movement. If you have any questions, take a few moments and learn NOW by clicking How to perform a Routine Breast Self-Exam.

If you’re asking yourself “what do I do if I find a lump in my breast?”, the answer would be to have it checked by a breast specialist. If you find a lump during your monthly breast self-exam, contact us online or call (310) 278-8590 to schedule a consultation at our Breast Center in Beverly Hills.

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