Recovery Steps after Breast Reconstructive Surgery

Bedford Breast Center

Our Los Angeles breast cancer surgeons recreate the feminine figure for mastectomy patients. Patients can choose Bedford Breast Center for breast screening, breast treatment, rehabilitation, and a sense of wholeness. After breast reconstruction surgery, whether through flap breast reconstruction or implant reconstruction, patients enjoy a new image, appeal, and self-confidence. But, the journey does not end there. As with all procedures, surgery means recovery time. Similar to the surgery itself, patients can take steps for better results. The following outline mastectomy recovery steps for the best post-surgical results:

Pre-Surgery Steps

At the our breast center in Beverly Hills, we recommend pre-surgical steps for a smooth recovery. Small preparations ahead of time, like buying comfortable undergarments, can help recovery. (Bras with underwire and lace may irritate breast incisions while they heal). Having prepared meals ahead of time can also ease patients through recovery. Our nurses may recommend pre-surgical exercises to improve movement after surgery as well.

Post-Surgery Steps

At our facility, we provide patients with high grade breast care and comfort. After a procedure, patients can expect to be in experienced hands. Women, in need of rest and relaxation, can depend on our staff to provide a detailed recovery guide. Patients can expect to be prepared and ready for their trip home. Sometimes, we even arrange a taxi for patients. Your care after your procedure is important. We will assure the smoothest process possible for your surgical experience.

At Home Steps

How long does healing take? Every women experiences recovery differently. The American Cancer Society states most women feel sore and tired for the first two weeks after their breast reconstructive surgery. Things like bruising and swelling will persist for some time. By the end of eight weeks, many symptoms associated with the procedure fade. Scars will not fully heal until later.

After a year, scaring settles and tissue completely heals. After a little work and patience, women can enjoy their results. Patients can enjoy their feminine appearance after their diagnosis. Patients in the Beverly Hills area can depend on optimum care during their recovery. For further questions about our Breast Center, anesthesiologist, and surgery, call our office. We will help each of our patients go through their process with care.

For more information, patients are encouraged to browse the Bedford Breast Center website. Patients can learn more about our surgeons, the staff, and the whole Bedford Breast Center experience. Patients can also get our contact information or schedule an appointment online. Learn more about breast health, breast cancer screenings, and other information. Contact us online or call us at (310) 278-8590 or visit us on North Bedford Drive.

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