Breast Reconstruction: You Have Options

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Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in women. Often, a breast cancer diagnosis can seem bleak and hopeless. Fortunately, there are many treatment options available today, including breast reconstruction.

With so many different kinds of breast cancer and many complex treatments and decisions to make, it can be hard to know where to begin. That’s where Bedford Breast Center can help.

With the technology, innovative practices, and renowned physicians at Bedford Breast Center, women have more options and opportunities than ever before to beat breast cancer and have natural-looking breasts.

There are several options for breast cancer reconstruction that depend on the stage and type of breast cancer, as well as the individual preferences of our patients.

Our world-class oncologists and surgeons work closely with patients to detail their options and personalize treatment plans for the most effective outcomes.

Traditional Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is a surgical breast cancer treatment that rebuilds the breast after removing cancerous tissue. Traditional breast reconstruction is a post-surgical treatment option. During mastectomy surgery, tissue expanders are placed in the chest cavity to stretch muscles and create space for breast implants to be placed at a later date. 

This process takes several months to complete, to allow sufficient time for the expanders to create enough space. Patients will need to return to the clinic regularly to fill the expanders with more saline. A second surgery is required once the muscles are adequately stretched to place breast implants.

Our medical center can also perform breast reconstruction revision surgery to address poor results such as scarring, improperly placed implants, and asymmetry. While traditional breast reconstruction is a tried and true option, it is not always the most effective reconstruction option.


Direct-to-implant breast reconstruction is a ground-breaking technique developed by one of Bedford Breast Center’s renowned surgeons, Dr. Lisa Cassileth. This option is also known as single-stage reconstruction, allowing women to have a mastectomy and breast reconstruction in a single surgical procedure.

This is different from traditional breast reconstruction because it forgoes tissue expanders and eliminates the need for multiple surgeries.

Direct-to-implant reconstruction places the breast implant immediately after the mastectomy. This surgery reduces the recovery and downtime from the traditional reconstruction. The single-stage reconstruction is not ideal for every breast cancer candidate and works best for non-smoking women who will not require radiation treatments after surgery.

There are many benefits to direct-to-implant reconstruction, including:

  • Less recovery and downtime
  • Minimal incisions and scarring
  • Natural-looking results
  • One-step process
  • Return to normal life faster

DIEP Flap Alternatives

DIEP Flap is a breast reconstruction option that utilizes fat, skin, and blood vessels from the lower abdomen to recreate the breast after a mastectomy. This process is similar to the TRAM Flap procedure, except that the DIEP Flap treatment does not use muscle from the abdomen.

The DIEP Flap is a muscle-sparing technique where the blood vessels, fat, and skin reconstruct the breast and allows for a faster recovery than if the muscle was removed. Bedford Breast Center does not perform the DIEP Flap because it involves surgery on another body area, increasing scarring and recovery time. Instead, they have pioneered two innovative methods of breast reconstruction.

Dr. Heather Richardson, an outstanding Bedford Breast Center physician, is a co-developer of the Goldilocks Mastectomy procedure. The Goldilocks Mastectomy removes cancerous tissue and reconstructs smaller breasts using the remaining healthy tissue.

This process is ideal for women who need a mastectomy but do not wish to have traditional reconstruction with implants.

Inspired by the Goldilocks technique, Dr. Cassileth and Dr. Richardson developed the SWIM Breast Reconstruction technique, which is a nipple-preserving approach that makes the results appear like a breast reduction. The SWIM technique reconstructs smaller, natural-looking breasts using healthy breast tissue.

SWIM is best for large-breasted women that want a natural-looking breast, including a nipple, after reconstruction surgery.

There are many benefits to the Goldilock Mastectomy and SWIM Breast Reconstruction techniques, including:

  • Performed on one or both breasts
  • Only requires one surgery
  • Does not use implants
  • Quicker, more comfortable downtime than DIEP flap procedures
  • Surgical removal of breast gland eliminates mammogram screenings

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Bedford Breast Center is the number one breast cancer prevention and surgical center in Beverly Hills created by women for women. Our breast oncologists and surgeons understand how to provide superior care to women through prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

Our medical center is a full-service breast facility with a full range of screening, diagnostic, and treatment for women. We provided innovative techniques to restore the beauty and vitality of the breast while removing cancerous breast tissue.

Bedford Breast Center aims to eradicate breast cancer while considering breast aesthetics for natural-looking reconstruction results. Contact us to schedule a consultation or call (310) 278-8590 and learn more about your breast reconstruction options. 

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