What Does Turning 30 Mean For Your Breasts?

Bedford Breast Center

Now that you’re 30, it’s time to get serious about your breast health. Age is one of the biggest risk factors for breast cancer.

Being in your 30s, may not put you in the highest risk category but it is still important to monitor your breasts and note any changes that occur. It’s important to keep track of any breast changes that may occur as you age.

Breast Changes During Your 30s

Your breasts will change throughout your lifespan. In your 30s, breasts still retain much of their elasticity and firmness. However, it is not uncommon for some women to become prone to fibrocystic developments after this point. This refers to benign lumps that appear in the breasts, often related to hormonal fluctuations.

These swollen lumps tend to be harmless for the most part. You don’t need to worry if they feel a bit tender, but it would be smart to get regular breast exams if you see significant changes in your breasts.

Additionally, if you have children, you may notice that your breasts become more loose and droop slightly. This is because of changes to the fat makeup of your breasts and stretching of the surrounding tissue.

Prioritizing Your Breast Health in Your 30s

Practicing good preventative medicine is the best way to protect yourself against harmful breast changes in your 30s. Consider the following breast care tips to keep your breasts healthy:

  • Perform regular breast self-exams. Breast self-exams save lives. Perform a thorough exam once per month — preferably right after your period — to catch lumps or other early signs of breast cancer.
  • Engage in regular breast cancer screenings. At your annual physical, your doctor will perform a breast cancer screening. Be sure to inform your physician about your family history of breast cancer, as this may affect recommendations for your care. This might include a screening mammogram or breast ultrasound.
  • Connect with a breast care center. Establishing a relationship with a leading and trusted breast care center is the best way to get specialized services from people who know the most about breast health.

At Bedford Breast Center in Beverly Hills, we focus on providing the best breast care and breast cancer education for all of our patients. If you don’t have a breast center that you visit regularly or a team of breast specialists that you can reach out to if you have questions, contact us or call (310) 278-8590 or schedule a consultation online.

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