About Beverlywood

Beverlywood is a neighborhood on the westside of Los Angeles, CA. Beverlywood is bordered by Pico-Robertson on the north, Mid-City on the east, Palms on the south, and Cheviot Hills on the west. Though it shares part of its name and history with Beverly Hills, Beverlywood is known as being slightly more attainable for the average budget. 

History of Beverlywood

Beverlywood was developed in 1940 by real-estate developer Walter H. Leimert. Despite at the time having no trees, an intersection in the middle of the countryside, empty sidewalks, and a lone streetlight, Leimert saw potential for the area, and felt Beverlywood could be the next big populated city. 

Like many other developments during the time, Leimert’s development lagged during WWII. But, once veterans returned home with a GI Bill mortgage, residents quickly started planting roots in Beverlywood. It was the perfect area for the middle-class family.

In recent years, the neighborhood has become a hotspot for mansionization. Despite complying with HOA regulations, many residents believe that the newer and larger homes ruin the feel of the neighborhood.

Living in Beverlywood

Beverlywood is a family-friendly neighborhood, predominantly residential areas, with limited restaurants and businesses. Beverlywood offers its residents an urban-suburban vibe and a strong sense of community. With above-average public schools, Beverlywood was ranked the #1 place to raise a family in LA by niche.com

Beverlywood has a population of about 6,500 and is mostly families with children. The local Homeowner’s Association owns and manages several private parks in the neighborhood, of which the majority are gated and only accessible to Beverlywood residents. 

Things to Do 

Beverlywood is a quiet, family-oriented neighborhood, with 23 shops, 5 restaurants, and 2 fitness centers. With its close proximity to Beverly Hills and Hollywood, this neighborhood is a quick trip away from some of the best attractions in LA. Here is our list of the best things to do around Beverlywood, CA:

  1. Universal Studios 
  2. Museum of Tolerance
  3. Rodeo Drive
  4. Petersen Automotive Museum
  5. Century City Farmers Market 
  6. Dreamscape
  7. The Hobbit’s House
  8. Easton-Rancho Park Archery Range
  9. The Freedom Sculpture
  10. The Lion’s Fountain 

Breast Health Medical Center in Beverlywood

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