Patient 06: Nipple Sparing

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Age: 54, from Los Angeles, CA. Right nipple/areola sparing mastectomy and Left skin sparing mastectomy with Cassileth One-Stage Breast Reconstruction. Fat grafting to breasts was performed during a second surgery.

Patient 19: Nipple Sparing

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Age: 44, from Los Altos, California. Patient was BRCA + and had a family history of breast cancer. Surgery was bilateral prophylactic mastectomies with One-Stage Breast Reconstruction. 450 cc silicone implants were used and Alloderm.

Patient 22: Nipple Sparing

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Age: 37, from Thousand Oaks, California. Patient was BRCA + and decided to undergo prophylactic bilateral mastectomies with one-stage breast reconstruction. 492 cc mid-profile implants were used. Patient subsequently had fat injections to both breasts at a second surgery.

Patient 30: Nipple Sparing

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Age: 38, from San Diego, California. Patient’s mother had breast cancer and patient tested positive for the BRCA gene. Patient underwent a prophylactic mastectomy with One-Stage Breast Reconstruction performed by Dr. Cassileth.

Patient 1 Other Techniques

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Age: 38 from Corona Del Mar, California. Patient required radiation as part of her treatment plan. At the time of her mastectomy Dr. Cassileth placed tissue expanders. Patient was then radiated and on completion of her treatment Dr. Cassileth removed the tissue expander and placed breast implants. Patient will subsequently undergo nipple-areola reconstruction in the


Patient 1 Revision

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Age: 49 from Venice, California. Patient had previous TRAM flap surgery with another surgeon. She desired improvement in the appearance of her reconstructed breasts. Her first surgery with Dr. Cassileth consisted of a right breast implant placement, bilateral scar revisions and bilateral fat grafting. Six months later Dr. Cassileth reconstructed her nipple/areola, grafted more fat


Patient 2 Revision

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Age: 68, from Torrance, CA. Patient had a previous right breast TRAM flap reconstruction. Visited Dr. Cassileth because she was unhappy with her asymmetrical breasts. Dr. Cassileth performed a right breast reduction with nipple/areola reconstruction. Courtesy of Lisa Cassileth, MD, FACS